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While we look out for the interest of our Tenants when it comes to rentals - we must also pay special attention to our Property Owners, who are also our Customers. Many of our Property Owners count on the income generated by renting their vacation properties, and when a week is cancelled, they must contend with lost revenue and the possibility of the unexpected situation of a property not re-renting for the week they had intended to see rented by a Guest. Maine has a short rental season, and every penny of revenue counts towards paying property taxes, maintenance, and upkeep for the properties we offer for rent. 

Once a reservation is confirmed (i.e. monies received) any cancellations will invoke the cancellation policy. So, be sure when you proceed with initiating a rental transaction with us, you are committed to the rental.

Here are the legal Cancellation Terms from the Rental Agreement between a Tenant and Water's Edge Rentals on behalf of the Property Owner:

All cancellations by TENANT must be made in writing and received and acknowledged by Water's Edge Rentals on behalf of OWNER. If TENANT cancels this Rental Agreement after it has been signed by TENANT and returned to Water's Edge Rentals, there is a cancellation fee of 100% of the Grand Total (including taxes but excluding the $250.00 security deposit).  In the event that Water's Edge Rentals is able to re-rent the Property for the Rental Term for of the same amount of rent as set forth in this Rental Agreement, all amounts paid by TENANT shall be refunded to TENANT less a cancellation fee of 10% of the rent which will be retained by Water's Edge Rentals. Water's Edge Rentals is willing to offer a discounted rate to someone to re-rent the time frame but the original Tenant will be responsible for the difference between re-rented amount and original rent amount.  Any refund to TENANT will not be made until after the Check In Time for the Re-Rental and all amounts for the Re-Rental have been paid. This cancellation policy is strictly adhered to so TENANT is encouraged to consider purchasing travel insurance that will cover themselves in certain situations as set forth in the policy should TENANT need to cancel this Rental Agreement. There are many independent insurance providers available that Tenant may search for on the Internet using for example “Vacation Insurance” as a search term (ex: Allianz and Red Sky). Travel insurance also allows you to obtain coverage for the cost of additional items such as boat rentals and travel expenses if you desire. **

If the Owner must cancel this rental agreement, the Owner will do so in writing and will provide a full refund to the Tenant within 7 days of the cancellation through Water's Edge Rentals. Tenant is not allowed to sublet their week(s) to another party without first contacting Water's Edge Rentals for approval. OWNER reserves the right to reject any sublet rental.  

**NOTE to VRBO Tenants: In the event that you cancel your booking and there is an agreement for you to get a refund, no refund shall be made until VRBO has made the rental transfer which is supposed to take place 5-7 business days after your check in date.  Should there be a hold up on their end, Water's Edge Rentals still will not refund until they receive funds from VRBO.